Closing the Loop in Greenhouse Autonomy

Our computer vision greenhouse control system records everything so you don’t have to.

No clipboards, no charts, no guesses. We find the problems and we help you find the solutions.

How LUNA is Implemented:



Application Engineering:

Discussion about facility information for preliminary design



Problem Identification:

Identify key issues that are hindering how much product you put out and money you bring in



Feature Selection:

Decide which features and benefits solve the problems previously identified

How LUNA could help your business:

Risk Mitigation

Our scanner can detect problems the human eye can’t, like subtle color changes in the canopy that could mean big trouble for your operations. LUNA helps your team determine what the problem is and how to fix it.

Increase Efficiency

Automate repetitive work so your team can work on important tasks while using LUNA's planning software that helps you analyze where to best allocate your resources.

Yield Prediction

LUNA accurately predicts harvest readiness by monitoring your operation and comparing forecasts with actual yield, giving you 24-hour feedback during the growth cycle.

Why do customers love LUNA?

"I was on vacation last summer and I thought I'd check up [using LUNA]. I noticed these perfect circles in one of my crops and initially I thought it was a pathogen. I texted one of my growers and said "Go have a look here." sent him the picture, sure enough he went and looked and it ended up being spider mite. Never seen spider mite in probably ten years in this crop and sure enough we had it. Dry summer; problem. Shot the image off to iUNU and they are able now to train [LUNA] to alert me when they see this trend or this anomaly."

       - Rodney Bierhuizen, Sunrise Greenhouses

LUNA Key Features:

Plant Vision

High resolution, closeup, overhead view of the entire canopy

Growth Rate Index 

Measurement of area growth rate by space or inventory group 

Anomaly Detection

Detection of deviation from expected coloration (chlorosis, necrosis, disease, tip burn detector)

Harvest Forecast

Prediction of yield per inventory group


We've been using scouts and binders for years, why change that now?

Computer Vision gives you the ability to “walk up and down each row”. No more endless hours studying reports and hoping your staff is as accurate as you are. You can look at every plant just by scrolling on your cellphone. LUNA is your digital binder. It keeps tabs on every facet of the organization at a click of the app.

Artificial Intelligence seems expensive. How can I afford this?

LUNA has been commercially installed in greenhouses for the last 4 years. Our technology saves money on loss and reduces risk. The amount of loss that LUNA mitigates and the feature benefits of the system will both make money and save money at the same time.

What about my head growers? Is this going to replace them?

LUNA does not replace the grower, but instead gives the grower more tools and scales their current capabilities. There is currently a labor shortage in the industry and growers that do not adopt this technology will be left behind while companies that do adopt this technology are going to have a leg up and outpace their competitors.

LUNA Makes Autonomous Greenhouses Possible

LUNA technology hands you the grower tools to let you travel through time, see your facility with computer vision and use indoor inventory tracking to monitor thousands of plants at once. In the greenhouse, at your desk, or on the road, see real time imagery for every plant in your facility. It’s like google earth indoors. We watch every inch of your greenhouse for problems and then help you find the solutions.

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